Simplifying science is my passion.

Let’s face it: We all look online with our health questions. When dealing with health issues that leave doctors shrugging their shoulders, we’re pushed to seek answers for ourselves.

Most of us would rather troubleshoot solutions today than wait indefinitely. For some of us, waiting is a matter of life or death. For others, it’s years of compromise and loss.

Some of us seek alternative healing, others enlist in clinical trials, and still others turn to published research to discover personalized solutions. Unfortunately, most scientists don’t realize we actually want to understand their research.

The pace of research is accelerating… Year after year, there are more scientists, more publications, bigger data sets, and increasingly complex jargon. Although that means our society owns vast amounts of useful information, it also means the information is trapped. And by trapping information in dense language and outdated journal formats, it becomes useless. How is the average person expected to make sense of it?

We deserve better access to the research.

Cure-alls do not exist, but that shouldn’t stop us from searching for a healthier tomorrow. Often, the answers we find will be very personal and unique. Many of us already self-experiment with our health, piecing together our diets, practices and supplement regimens after digging through forums, testimonials, and health articles. More than likely, there’s good scientific research out there that could help your search, too.

I am just one scientist – with limited expertise and even less time – but with a huge interest in your well-being. If you just found your way here after reading one of my articles, this is my personal website where I publish unsponsored health & science articles. Some upcoming articles will focus on:

  • Functional disorders (ie IBS & chronic fatigue syndrome)
  • Diet, digestion and the microbiome
  • Women’s health
  • … and more

I don’t have a regular schedule for new posts. If you like what you’ve read and want to read more, I’d love it if you followed my facebook page. I’ll notify you when I release new articles.

Best wishes,

—  Genevieve