Genevieve R. Moore received her Ph.D. from UC Berkeley and B.S. from Yale University. She has authored a dozen peer-reviewed scientific articles and also teaches university classes in biology and scientific pedagogy.

Genevieve is passionate about simplifying science. Most scientific literature is impossibly difficult for non-scientists to read. Although the public pays taxes for scientists to generate knowledge, that knowledge generally stays locked away in difficult language. How can the average person make smart decisions about their health without access to this information?

This website is Genevieve’s personal blog – a space for important topics that don’t fit neatly into her writing projects for other websites. Articles are infrequent because of her current schedule, so please reach out below or follow Genevieve on Facebook if you’d like to be notified of future articles.

*Genevieve uses an online pen name in order to keep her academic career separate from her writing career.